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Danielle Baik

Founder, Head Stylist

Danielle Baik has been working with animals her entire life.  Professionally, she has been caring for animals since 2001. 

Starting as a horse trainer, followed by being a veterinarian technician, and now as a dog groomer, Danielle has been grooming dogs for 10 years.  With her extensive background in animal care and behavior, Danielle is very well-versed in managing your pet’s stress levels.  Your “companion” will not be pushed beyond their limit.  Danielle is very passionate about the health and well-being of your “furry” family member!  She can groom all breeds with an emphasis in the Asian Fusion grooming style.

Jae-woo Baik

CEO, Marketing Manager

Jae-woo Baik is the CEO, Marketing Manager of Gi Brothers Mobile Dog Grooming LLC.

Also, He is a Freelance Graphic Designer of Brian Baik Design too. He has at least 5 years of management experience, 3 years of Marketing experience, and more than 15 years of Art & Design experience. He has one Master’s degree (MA degree from Wonkwang University<2010>) and two Bachelor’s degree(BS degree from Towson University<2014>, BFA degree from Mokwon University<2009>).

He is a kind person, has a sense of humor, has a good relationship and networking with people. Especially our clients. Also, He is an animal-lover.

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All of our Groomers Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

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