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Gogi came to us on 08 OCT 14.  We were looking to adopt a dog from one of the local shelters.  That did not work out for us.  So, we decided to look on Craig’s List.


As we searched Craig’s List to find our new family member,  we saw

Gogi’s photo (who was called “Jake” at the time), we knew he was going to be our dog.  We did not know that we were getting a prankster; Gogi is very comical.  Always up to something!  We would not have it any other way.  But we knew Gogi, our (Shih Tzu), needed a companion.  At that point we were considering another dog because Gogi just loves to play, and he needed a “doggie” companion.


Yogi came to us on 08 DEC 14.  He was found tied to a pole at a construction site in frigid temperatures during the month of December.  A good Samaritan found him and took him to his veterinarian to get shots.  After that, this wonderful person took him to a grooming salon to have his all of his matted fur removed. 


My friend was working at the grooming salon the night Yogi was brought there.  This charitable soul just wanted to find him a good home.  So, my friend told me about him.  When I went to see him,

I knew Yogi was going to be Gogi’s playmate.  I wound up bringing Yogi home that night.


Yogi (Bichon Frise) was known as “Snowball” at the time.  Called Yogi instead of Gogi, my mother would constantly call our other dog “Yogi”.  That is how “Snowball” became “Yogi”!  My mother has no problems calling them anymore!  Yogi is full of energy and quite the character.  Yogi, in Korean, stands for “here”.


Yogi and Gogi are inseparable.  They are like brothers to one another: always snitching one another’s toys, picking on each other, and getting into all sorts of trouble!  Would we trade them?  Absolutely not!

Danielle and Jae-Woo Baik


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