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Q) How often should I groom my pet?
A) It depends on your pet’s coat type.  Typically, we like to groom your pet’s coat every 4 – 6 weeks.


Q) Why should I choose Mobile versus salon grooming?
A) Mobile grooming offers convenience that a salon cannot.  With mobile grooming, we come to you!  It is not as taxing for both you  and your pet.  Your pet is groomed right outside your door.  No kennels, no waiting around to be groomed. Your pet receives the individualized attention that he/she deserves.


Q) What happens if my pet is matted?
A) It all depends on the severity of the matting.  We try not to shave dogs down. Depending on the matting, we are able to brush most dogs out.  If the matting is too severe or unsafe to be brushed out, your pet needs to be placed on a regular maintenance schedule to prevent further matting problems.  Your pet’s safety is paramount.


Q) Is the water on the mobile unit re-used on other pets?
A) No – absolutely not!  There is a 50 gallon “fresh” water tank on the mobile unit.  After we use the water, it drains into a separate holding tank.  We fill the tanks with fresh water daily.


Q) Does your mobile unit have to plug into an electric source at my residence?
A) No.  We are a self-contained unit that runs off of a generator.


Q) Am I supposed to tip my groomer?
A) That is solely up to your discretion.  Groomers work hard to care for your “furry” family members.  It is our passion.  Like any other “service-oriented” jobs, tips are always welcomed!

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